Commercial Services


Mahay Finance Services specialise in helping local entrepreneurs secure the financing they need to develop their businesses. We have been continually successful in allying entrepreneurs, venture capitalists, commercial lenders, local authorities and local businesses in order to encourage regional growth. Our commercial advisers have a wealth of experience in negotiating and delivering bespoke commercial finance solutions in a variety of industries and sectors.

We are able to facilitate the following:

  • Bridging Finance
  • Construction Finance
  • Development Finance
  • Business/Commercial Loans
  • Retail & Hospitality Development Finance
  • Equity Investment
  • Angel Investment

We have been particularly successful in facilitating growth for clients in the construction, residential development and hospitality development sectors who have previously struggled in obtaining the required resources for their projects. Key members of our commercial team with additional expertise in the construction and engineering industries bridge the gap between sectors providing commercial clients with an exceptional and valued service.

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